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Hi, nice to meet you.

I am happy you are reading this blog.

I am not good at English, and so I write this blog in colloquial language.


This blog will introduce the following Japanese point techniques.

  • Point site techniques

  • Payment techniques

  • Airline mileage techniques

  • Point investment techniques


The point site techniques

This category explains to earn point site’s points.

There are many famous point sites in Japan.

Although point site’s points can not exchange cash directory, the points can exchange e-money.

This blog will introduce a method that you can earn points points points without working.

Of course this method does not violate the law. (I’m sorry,? what I know is Japanese law.)

I don’t know if you can use this method, because some techniques require you to stay in Japan.


Payment techniques

In this category, this blog will explain techniques to earn points on payment.

There are many e-money and credit cards in Japan.

Sometimes credit card and companies offer us discount services.


Airline mileage techniques

In this category, thi blog will explain techniques to exchange airline mileages from point site’s poits.

The point site’s points are worth 1 yen at 1 unit. (For example, 1 point = 1 yen).

The points can be converted to airline mileages at a rate of 81%.

Perhaps you may feel that you are losing it.

However, mileage is high when used as an award ticket.

  • International award ticket (first class): 1 airline mileage -> approximately 8 to 15 yen
  • International award ticket (business class): 1 airline mileage -> approximately 4 to 7 yen
  • International award tickets (Economy Class): 1 airline mileage -> approximately 2 to 3 yen
  • Domestic flight award ticket: 1 airline mileage -> approximately 1.5 yen to 3 yen


Point investment techniques

A certain point can be used for investment.

As the outcome of the investment can be predicted at an unlimitedly high probability, it will almost never be defeated.

However, this is an extra method in this blog as it can not use a lot of points.


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