The point technique with Moppy. (Introduction)


What is Moppy?


Let’s use it knowing how to earn money and safety!

Moppy is a point site that allows you to exchange points accumulated by free member registration, games and shopping with cash, electronic money, gift certificates, etc.

1 point = 1 yen can be exchanged, it corresponds to various exchanges such as financial institution such as bank, WebMoney, iTunes gift code, Amazon gift ticket etc.

Because it corresponds to personal computer, smart phone and mobile phone, you can easily earn points even a little time.

Since opening in 2005, it has acquired many fans and it has become a top point site in Japan with more than 7 million members. If you are 12 years of age or older, you can register for free membership.

moppy (moppy)

Point rate

1 point = 1 yen

Minimum cash amount

300 points (300 yen)

Exchange fee

30 yen ~

expiration date

Invalid unless you get points for half a year


How to earn points

It is the main way to earn points by Moppy.

Use cases

There are many projects in Moppy and you can earn points by using them.

There are differences in points that can be obtained depending on contracting conditions such as free member registration, document request, card issuance, account opening, estimate request.

For example, looking at a case called “Money Square” as an example


What you can see from this notation is that “after mpletion of transaction after opening new account will earn 35,000 points in 3 days”.

Detailed conditions such as how much money you deposit and how many currencies you trade is written by looking at “Point acquision condition”.

In this case, “Transaction established over new 600,000 currency or more within 90 days after opening new account” and it is OK.

In this way, in FX account opening and credit card issuance etc., there are many projects exceeding 10,000 points and it is possible to earn high price points in one stroke .

Click on ad

There are advertisements that can earn points by clicking on Moppy.

Furthermore, let’s try not to overlook the mails that arrive from the moppie as there are points and coins you get by clicking on the URL (10 coins = 1 point)

Use shopping

Points arise when shopping such as Rakuten Market goes through Moppy! What percentage of the purchase price will be reduced.

Of course Rakuten Super Points etc are also properly earned.So it is earned points three times .(Moppy points, Rakuten Super Points and Credit card points)

Save with free game

You have a chance to win up to 12,000 points each week with Sugoroku, and also 10,000 points with a scratch.

There are various games such as maximum 10 points every day in Moppy Gacha, up to 89P every week with Moppy Bingo.

Download application

You can earn points by downloading and installing the application.

There are cases where there are 20 points on average and 100 points or more on the high side so you can easily earn points.

Earn points with document creation

In Moppy Works, you can earn points by creating document with subjects and number of characters determined. There are so many projects that it’s quite great.

The number of acquired points is 42 points with 200 characters, 120 points with 800 characters, and about 315 points with 1500 characters.


How to earn 10,000 yen suddenly with Moppy

Actually it is possible to earn points of more than 10,000 yen easily in Moppy. Let’s try it as soon as you join Moppy.

Earn with free member registration

You can get money by just registering members, there’s no reason we don’t make use of it. Even if it narrows down with simple free member registration only, it will be roughly 9,000 yen.

You may think “Would not you e-mail a lot after registering?”. If you are worried about that, I recommend you to create a free email address for membership registration . Please use free address with Gmail, Yahoo mail etc.

Earn with document request

Those who say “OK even if documents are sent to the house” can earn points in this way.

Although the number of cases is few compared to free membership registration, I think that the total is about 12,000 yen because the points are high .

However, from the viewpoint of a company, it is judged that a request for information is “a person who is interested” or “a person who is likely to become a customer” and there are also sales calls.

Let’s apply for those who dislike it before checking the reviews in Moppy and point acquisition conditions on the details page .

Earn points by issuing a credit card or opening an account

It is a project with the highest unit price at point sites. There is also a case which can be 1 to 20,000 yen or more in one case although it can be done for free .

Cards are mainly credit cards, and accounts are net banks, FX, securities companies, etc.

Even high school students and others can open accounts of Rakuten Bank and Japan Net Bank.

In this case of opening an account, there are items that can earn points just by opening an account, something to do some transactions, but the conditions are simple.

Let’s choose what you can achive the condition without impossibilities.

There are obvious things to consider in issuing credit cards, etc. Depending on the credit card company income certificate and enrollment confirmation are available, so let’s apply after reading the terms carefully .


It may over 20,000 yen just by registering members and requesting documents, while talking about 10,000 yen!

About 1 month later, points such as card application are included and plus several ten thousand yen.

Let’s wait while playing Moppy game until new projects are renewed once we have completed.

Money exchange fee

A fee will be charged when exchanging points of Moppy for cash.

  • Rakuten Bank : 105 yen
  • Other financial institutions : under 150 yen

If you exchange for cash with Moppy, it is best to use Japan Post Bank or Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, which has a lower fee .

For example, if you make 500 points in cash, Japan Post Bank and Mitsui Sumitomo Bank will be deducted 30 yen and 470 yen will be transferred.

In the case of Mizuho Bank, 147 yen will be drawn and 353 yen will be transferred.

Both can open accounts for free, so you better make one to earn efficiently.

* No fee is charged for exchanging gift certificates or electronic money.

Move point exchange

Points earned by Moppy can be exchanged for various things.


Everything can be exchanged from 1 point to 1 point.

Gift Vouchers

  • GooglePlay gift card / Amazon gift certificate / iTunes gift code

?Everything can be exchanged from 1 point to 1 point.

Electronic money

?Everything can be exchanged from 1 point to 1 point.

Aireline mileage

Moppy points can be exchanged directly to JAL mileage at a rate of 80%.

Moppy points can be exchanged indirectly to ANA mileage at a rate of 81%.

(The exchgened root will be explained this blog. Please wait.)

??Other company points

Dot Money by Ameba / Pex / NetMile


Moppy of safety

Currently I don’t? hear rumors such as personal information leakage or scandals.

There are no spam e-mails coming, and point-related e-mails and questionnaire e-mails come about five times a day. (You can filter the e-mails.)

When you use free advertisement to register for free membership registration or e-mail newsletter etc., naturally e-mail will increase. And so you can prepare dedicated free address.

There is no advertisement such as a vice broker, I think that there is no problem regarding safety.

There seems to be some people who earn 100,000 yen a month by Moppy, but just by digesting the contents as usual should be enough to earn billing fees for snacks.


Starting Moppy

I will explain the registration of Moppy.

But you would like to register it immediately,? you can use the following link. And so you can earn up to 1,300 points.

##### Free membership registration now #####



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