Let's start Moppy! (Regiseration)


Moppy registration

What is Moppy

Moppy is very good point site in Japan.

This blog introduced Moppy.

If you would like to know Moppy, please look at this article.


How to register Moppy?

I explain how to register to Moppy.

The flow is the following.

  • Access to Moppy
  • Input your e-mail address
  • Check link in e-mail
  • Enter member information
  • Image authentication
  • Confirm input information
  • Phone number authentication

As you can see, there are seven step for the registration.

I will explain at each step from here.


Access to Moppy

First of all, please access to Moppy using the following link.

##### Free membership registration now #####

This link is a special introduction from me.
If you register using this link, you are entitled to receive 1300 points.



The top page is displayed like the image above. Please click “かんたん1分!!無料会員登録” which means “easy 1 minute free registration is here”.



Then you will move on to the screen to enter the e-mail address and click “sign up”.

“メールアドレスを入力してください” means “Please enter your e-mail address to here”.




Please open e-mail from? Moppy and click the link above.

” [モッピー]あと1分で完了します!” means “The registeration will be complete in 1 min.”

“メール送信していただきまして、ありがとうございます。まだ登録は完了していません。下記にアクセスし会員登録をお願いいたします。” means “Thank you for sending me an email.Registration is not completed yet.Please access below and register as a member.”

Enter member information?



Let’s enter the following member information.

Although there are things that can be changed later, as possible to avoid mistakes!

  • nickname
  • password
  • phone number
  • sex
  • Birth date
  • Prefectures
  • Unmarried
  • secret question
  • A secret answer

Nickname can be changed after registration! Avoid entering your real name as it is displayed in the game rankings!


Also, the phone number will be used for identity verification! It is necessary to receive a short message (SMS) for confirmation.

(But a telephone number that can not receive SMS is OK ! Even if you do not receive SMS, you can authenticate by calling the designated number!)



However, “A secret answer” has a very big problem for you.

“Secret question” and “A seqcret anser” are requred when you exchange Moppy points.

“A secret answer” needs to be entered ‘hiragana’.

‘hiragana’ is one of the characters used in Japan.

There are 46 kinds of ‘hiragana’ characters.

I comfirmed that “A secret answer” requested at leaset 3 caracters.

You can choose and copy the following ‘hiragana’.

あ い う え お か き く け こ

さ し す せ そ た ち つ て と

な に ぬ ね の は ひ ふ へ ほ

ま み む め も や ゆ よ

ら り る れ ろ わ を ん


Then click “I agree to the terms of service and to the”.

(I’m sorry that I don’t know the last string after “the”…)


Image authentication



Perhaps you need to do the authentication twice to follow the instructions such as above image.


Confirm input information

Next, you check the contents of the information you entered.

After confirming, click “register the above contents” and proceed to the next “telephone number authentication”.


Phone number authentication



Next is telephone number authentication. Whether you are entering a phone number that can receive SMS or not, call the displayed phone number to authenticate.

Since the phone number starting from “050” is displayed this time, call to this phone number. Of course, this phone number needs to be the phone number entered in the member information.


Authentication is completed automatically with voice so do not worry! There is no need to talk with the operator or operate anything in particular! After announcing “Authentication is complete”, click “Authenticatation complete”.


After completion of registration

Thank you for your registration.
If you registered with my invitation, you can earn up to 1,300 points.
Please look at the following.


You can get easily “Benefit 1” and try it!
The following page will be useful for you.

www.siklejapanpoint.work I recommend the following two things you try first.

  • Earn points with document request
  • Earn points by issuing a credit card or opening an acount

Either way I will introduce good deals. At that time I would appreciate your favor.

?Thank you for reading.


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