PayPay 2nd 10 billion yen promotion


What is PayPay?

PayPay is an electronic payment service using smartphone and QR code (or Bar code).

The service is provided by PayPay Co., Ltd. which Softbank and Yahoo are shareholders.


How to pay with PayPay?

There are two ways to use PayPay. Since both methods need PayPay application on smartphone, please download first and register it.

  1. Present the barcode from the PayPay application to the store clerk.
  2. ?Read the QR code of the store’s person from the PayPay application. After that, enter the amount of money and show the screen for comfirming with the store clerk.

What is PayPay’s payment method?

There are three payment methods of PayPay.

  1. PayPay balance (which you can pre-charge it.)
  2. Credit Cards
  3. Yahoo money
The PayPay balance is charged in advance from your bank account and you can pay.
Basically a credit card ca not charge to the PayPay balance, but Yahoo Japan card can only charge it.
Credit cards can be used like Quick Pay or ID. Of course, you can earn points of credit cards.
I will explain in a promotion to explain later whether PayPay balance or credit card is profitable.

Yahoo money is a minor method and it is difficult to explain. So this blog omits this method. At least, this method is not the best.

Where can PayPay be used?

PayPay can be used mainly in the following shops. Also small restaurants are also available besides the following, so please check it when you pay.

It should be noted that PayPay can be used at home appliance retailers such as BIC camera and Yamada Denki.

It is also very convenient to use PayPay at convenience stores such as FamilyMart and Ministop. I often use it at Family Mart.



?How about PayPay 2nd 10 billion yen promotion

“PayPay 2nd 10 billion yen promotion” will be started on February 12, until the end of May 31. However, as this promotion ends when it reaches 10 billion yen, it will probably end in February.

The promotion? is mainly two kinds as follows. There is a promotion until the start time, but because it is out of time, this blog does not explain it.

  1. Up to 20% of PayPay payment amount PayPay bonus. The most important to be awarded is the total amount during the promotion until 50,000 yen reduction per person. With one payment, up to the grant of 1000 yen.
  2. The promotion to give 100% PayPay bonus by lottery. The probability of winning that lottery is 20% at maximum.


1. Promotion granting PayPay bonus of up to 20% of payment amount



Depending on the payment method, grant PayPay bonus at the following rate.

  • ?When paying with PayPay balance: 20%
  • ?When paying with Yahoo! JAPAN card: 19%
  • ?When paying with credit card other than Yahoo! JAPAN card: 10%

The upper limit of granting the bonus during this promotion is equivalent to a total of 50,000 yen per person regardless of payment method.
In addition, the upper limit of bonus grant for one payment will be equivalent to 1,000 yen.

If you have more than one smartphone you may use it as a loophole.

Yahoo! Card is a card with many uses. You might as well apply this opportunity.
However, since the Yahoo card has expensive promotion at the point site in October of the year, I recommend that you apply at that time.


2. Promotion to give 100% PayPay Bonus by lottery

When paying with PayPay balance or Yahoo! JAPAN card, you give 100% PayPay bonus ( equivalent up to 1,000 yen ) with a probability of once in 10 times by lottery.

In addition, in the case of “Yahoo! Premium” members, the probability of winning will increase to once in 5 times (*).

The upper limit of grant during this campaign period is equivalent to a total of 20,000 yen per person.

What is the best payment method?

Let’s pay to use PayPay balance.

If you have a Yahoo Japan card, let’s charge it from the Yahoo Japan card. If not, let’s charge it from the bank.


Just by registering with PayPay (500 yen)!

As a promotion until 31st March 2019, PayPay gifts for PayPay balance 500 yen for new registration.
Please follow the steps below to register, so please register.

  1. Download PayPay application
  2. SMS authentication with phone number (enter the number that came in the message)
  3. Register payment information (Yahoo! Money or Credit Card (VISA, Master, Yahoo Japan Card))



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