Introduction of EC Navi!


Today this blog will introduce the point site called EC Navi.

This blog will summarize both the advantage of EC Navi and the disadvantage.

What is EC Navi?

EC Navi is a point site operated by VOYAGE GROUP CO., LTD.

It is one of the point sites that is strongly worth registering strongly to card issue, monitor case, questionnaire.

It has over 14 years of management experience, and the number of members has exceeded 5 million people.

The same company manages PeX famous as a point relay site.

VOYAGE GROUP CO., LTD is also a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has a high sense of security even among point sites.

As a precaution, 10 points is worth 1 yen.

Advantage of EC Navi

Advantage 1: You can almost understand the contents in Google Translate

The point site is basically targeted at Japanese.

Therefore, there are many times that Japanese is embedded in images.

However, since EC navi has a lot of explanations with strings, you can almost understand the contents by using Google Crome’s translation function.

Advantage 2: It is likely to be the highest point reduction among point sites

EC navi has an advantage that it is strong against credit card issuance.

In issuing credit cards, when issuing the same card, there are times when you can only receive points for the first one.

Therefore, although it is necessary to select a point site to reduce the highest point among the point sites, EC navigation is likely to be the best return.

For example, in the case of “Aplus Business Card Gold SBS PRIME Card” below, it is the highest return rate among point sites.

It is 275,000 points (= 27,500 yen) and the point of impact just by issuing a credit card.
Although it is a business card, individual issuance is also possible.
It’s free for the first year.


Advantage 3: There are very many monitor cases

A monitor case is a project that achieves the contents requested by the shop and gets points by submitting a questionnaire.

The most useful value is the eating out monitor case.

It is a matter to eat out at a restaurant and to submit a questionnaire with a restaurant eating monitor project.

From the restaurant you will be asked to order a specific dish as a mission.

For example, I recently had a meal from Kushikatsu Tanaka.

50% of the price of food and drink is reduction.

The contents of the mission were two points, such as ordering five pieces of kushikatsu and ordering highballs.

Other than that, order freely, take a receipt, return the questionnaire and just take a picture of the receipt.

In that case, I enjoyed dinner with my friend and earned points equivalent to 2,500 yen.


The procedure of the monitor case is explained in detail below, so please read it.

Advantage 4: Many questionnaires

You can get points by answering a questionnaire from a company like a questionnaire case.

Although there are not many individual projects, it is also good to try it in your spare time.

EC Navi is in collaboration with the research panel which is the most famous questionnaire site and always holds a questionnaire.

Advantage 5: Supports SoraChika route

You can exchange points to ANA mile using SoraChika route in the following entry.

ANA miles are worth 2~8 yen by making it an award ticket.

EC Navi -> PeX has the same management company, so there is an advantage that point transition is quick.


Advantage 5.5: Dedicated point route to LINE point

As this blog already mentioned, EC Navi is promoting special promotion for the same operating company as PeX.

EC Navi sets up a dedicated point route such as EC Navi -> PeX -> LINE point.

The content varies depending on the time, but now we are promoting 15% increase.

If you use this route, the return rate of ANA mile will be 86%.


Advantage 6: Point increase by member rank system

EC Navi has a member rank system called “EC Navi Members Club”.

When you become the top class gold member, you can earn 15% of points earned by using shopping as a bonus point.

This 15% reduction rate is the highest percentage compared to other point sites.

In addition, if you become the Gold Member you can earn as much as 5% of the points earned by the questionnaire response as a bonus point.

Advantage 7: There are many promotional uses of shopping

In EC Navi, promotions that can earn points by shopping at target shop is held all the time at all times.

By purchasing products via EC Navi, you can acquire credit card points, promotion points, and member rank bonuses.

Of course you can also earn the points of the target shop (such as Rakuten Super Point when you buy a product on Rakuten).

For example, the following promotion etc are currently advantageous.


Amazon is not subject to points reduction at the time of purchase.

However, it is subject to the member rank system introduced earlier.

This is a feature not found in other point sites.

Advantage 8: There are membership promotions

EC Navi is constantly promoting membership promotion.

Contents vary depending on the time.

For example, it is currently a promotion with the following contents.


Name of camp Waiting for spring! Nyokinoki introduction campaign
Campaign period March 1, 2019 (Friday) – March 28 (Thursday) 2019
Overview Friend gets 5,000 pts. To your friends with achievement of membership + conditions !
Furthermore, we will give 10,000 points to both friends and their introducers (100 pairs) who have achieved the conditions by lottery !

Campaign Achievement Condition
【Condition 1】 To register for the first time in EC Navi by introducing friends during campaign period
【Condition 2】 There must be at least one use history in the service use history by the end of the next month of membership registration

Since the next promotion will begin as soon as the period is over, you do not have to worry about the period.

Although it is stated without hiding, the introducer also has an advantage.

Because it also motivates the continuation of this blog, please register from below if you are interested in this entry even a little.

Disadvantage of EC Navi

Disadvantage 1: Exchange other than PeX is difficult

The point of EC navi can be exchanged for PeX, iTunes code, Amazon gift certificate.

The iTune code, Amazon gift can not recommend as much as 600 yen points are reduced to 500 yen.

It can be reflected immediately to PeX.

From PeX it is recommended to change to LINE points, world points, Nanaco points etc.

Disadvantage 2: It is difficult to understand that 10 points are equivalent to 1 yen

Many point sites are equivalent to 1 yen at 1 point.

However, EC Navi is 1 yen at 10 points.

Please be careful that you might get misunderstood when you look at numbers on the site.

Disadvantage 3: There are few points accumulated in games etc.

You can earn points by playing the game once a day at the point site.

However, the point that can be got by EC Navi is less than other point sites.

To be honest it is not worth doing.

Disadvantage 4: There is no application

The number of point sites compatible with smartphone applications is increasing.

However, the application of EC Navi does not correspond to iOS.

There is an application on Android, but there are problems such as some functions can not be used.

Since it corresponds to display of Safari and Google Crome, it is recommended to access it using a Web browser.

Method of membership registration

Step 1: Jump to the introduction page and enter the e-mail address


Step 2: Click the link of the received mail

Sorry, you just click on the link so this blog does not translate it.


Step 3: Enter your information

Basically, you enter according to the item.

A mail will be sent when you finish typing.

Registration is complete.


There are two difficult items for overseas people.

“Surname”, “Name” in the “name” item must be entered with double-byte characters.
“Say” of “name)” means Surname, “May” means First name. Besides, it is necessary to enter it by katakana charactor.

These two problems can be solved by using the following site.

This site can convert English to katakana charactor.

Please see the image below for the procedure.

Copy and paste the output characters.

Please note that the translated katakana caractor will be converted to English if using automatic translation.



This is how to register in EC Navi to get it as a so-called inconvenient income.

EC Navi is a point site recommended by this blog along with Moppy.

Especially please utilize eating out monitor projects.

In the case of 50% of projects, three people will eat 10,000 yen and get points equivalent to 5000 yen.

That point will be 4,050 points if you change to ANA mile using SoraChika route.

Just by having three meals, you can earn miles for domestic travel.