Moppy new entrance campaign, ANA 2,430 miles (equivalent to 3,000 yen)


Today this blog will introduce the review Moppy of the most popular and the entrance campaign “Moppy Spring’s Friend Special” for the limited time in March.

This campaign is an unprecedentedly expensive campaign as a point site campaign.

What is Moppy?

Moppy is a point site that can exchange points accumulated by free member registration, games and shopping with cash, electronic money, gift certificates, etc.

1 point = 1 yen exchangeable, you can exchange for financial institutions such as banks, WebMoney, iTunes gift codes, Amazon gift certificates, etc.

It is compatible with personal computers and smartphones, and it is a very easy-to-use point site.
Since opening in 2005, we have acquired many fans and became Japan’s top point site with over 7 million members.

Free membership registration is available for those 12 and older.

It is one of the most recommended point sites on this blog.

This blog will explain later on Moppy’s advantage.

What is Moppy Spring introduction of friends special campaign?


If you join friends introduction to Moppy, you can earn points equivalent to 3000 yen.

In order to receive membership benefits, it is necessary to carry out five missions.

Although I write it without hiding, the introducer has advantage as well.

It will be a motivation for continuation of this blog, so if you have any interest in this article, please register from the following.

Campaign period

From Friday, March 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019 (Sun)

This campaign is limited for one month only.

Campaign target person

Those who registered for the first time with friends referrals during the campaign period will be eligible.

For the target person, announcement of the campaign is displayed on Moppy registration completion page and the top page of Moppy.

Campaign benefits

In spring introduction specials, Moppy point equivalent to 3000 yen will be awarded by achieving the condition after new registration.

It is the biggest campaign ever recorded as a benefit to join the point site.

What are the conditions to earn awards?

The contents of the five missions are as follows.

Every time you clear the mission, the stamp of “MISSION CLEAR!” Is pushed so you can see the progress.

  • Follow Moppy Official LINE@
  • Follow Moppy Official Instagram
  • 7 days continuous login to Moppy during the period
  • With an advertisement use within 30 days from joining, 8,500 points or more

Mission 1: Follow Moppy Official LINE@


You can achieve it as soon as you have a LINE account.

You can register from this QR code.

Delivery frequency is not high, but let’s turn off notifications as necessary.

Mission 2: Follow Moppy Official Instagram


You can achieve it as soon as you have an Instagram account.

You can register from this page.

Mission 3: 7 days of continuous login to Moppy during the period


Continuous login is not an end if it fails even once, so please be relieved.

It will be from the rest seven days, but I can challenge it again.

It will be okay if you achieve within 30 days after joining. (It is not necessary to achieve by 3/31)

Mission 4: Issuance of POINT WALLET VISA PREPAID


POINT WALLET VISA PREPAID is an official VISA prepaid card by Moppy.

Since it is a prepaid card, it can be issued without appraisal.

The annual fee is also free.

Another great point for this card is that you get 2% points when you settle in Amazon.

Also POINT WALLET VISA PREPAID is doing the following campaign.

A little hurdle is expensive, but if you have a big shopping schedule it is a good idea to try it.

New life support campaign of POINT WALLET VISA PREPAID


New life support campaign details

Campaign period
March 1, 2019 – March 31, 2019
Campaign target person
During the period POINT WALLET VISA PREPAID gifts for those who completed a settlement of 100,000 yen or more with one shopping gift MoppyPoint 1,000 P!
※ It is subject to gifts up to 10,000P per person (10 times shopping over 100,000 yen) per person.
※ It will schedule points for campaign points in June, 2019.
Please be forewarned that there is a possibility that the time of grant will be back and forth.

Mission 5: Get more than 8500 P with advertisement use within 30 days from joining


This is the biggest hurdle.

Issuing credit cards is also highly recommended.

This blog will give you some examples.

All of the following cards are also conducting campaigns at issuing card companies.

Let’s increase profit by using it together.

MI Card Plus Gold / MI Card Gold / MI Card

The Mitsukoshi Isetan Group’s MI Card Plus Gold can earn 14,000 points by issuing from Moppy.

This blog also recommend MI card gold. In this case you can get 9,000 points.

MI Card Plus Gold / MI Card Gold can use various benefits at the Mitsukoshi Isetan Group.

(MI Card Plus Gold receives annual coupons for 4,200 yen.)

Besides that, at the international airport there is a privilege to use a not-so-high lounge (business class equivalent) than the usual card lounge.

A service that delivers packages between the airport and the house with a further 500 yen is very convenient.

MI card is a general card. You can earn 7,000 points by issuing from Moppy.

Above privileges such as lounge use are not available, but substantial annual membership fee is free.

Cedyna Gold Card

The SMBC group’s Cedyna Gold Card can earn 10,000 points by issuing from Moppy.

POINT WALLET VISA PREPAID It is a compatible card that can charge free of charge to the card.

Moreover, annual fee is free for the first year.

Saison card international

It is a general card issued by Saison card. You can earn 8000 points by issuing from Moppy.

With the issuance of general cards, 8000 points are rarely high points.

People who have not issued SoraChika cards should also issue this opportunity.

It is also good to accomplish the shortfall in the case of document request.

When requesting information, you may be asked to confirm by phone.

If you do not want to know your mobile phone number, it may be better to register an IP phone application for smartphones that you can use for free if you only want to receive calls.

For example SMARTalk etc can be used easily.

Advantage of Moppy

Advantage 1: It is likely to be the highest point reduction among point sites

Moppy has an advantage that it is strong against credit card issuance.

When issuing credit cards the same card may be issued, there are times when you can only receive points for the first one.

Therefore, although it is necessary to select the point site to reduce the highest point among the point sites, Moppy tends to be the best reduction.

Advantage 2: Supports SoraChika route

You can change points to ANA miles using SoraChika route in the following article.
ANA mile is worth 2-8 yen by making it an award ticket.

The route from Moppy has the advantage that it is easy to use with few replacement times.

Advantage 3: Can be exchanged for JAL mile

It is only Moppy that can exchange 80% for JAL mile in the point site.

Essentially, you should consolidate miles in one place, but for those who prefer JAL better than ANA, Moppy will be the only one.

Advantage 4: Can be replaced with d-points

It will be possible to exchange d-points directly at a rate of 100%.

d-points can be used for d-point investment.

d-point investment is the strongest investment depending on how you use it.

This way will introduce by this blog.

Advantage 5: 3000 points for March campaign

As already introduced, you can earn the largest points ever in the campaign in March.

Advantage 6: Easy to understand how to join

In the following entry this blog explains in detail how to join Moppy.

Disadvantage of Moppy

Disadvantage 1: Input of Hiragana characters is required for membership and point exchange

Moppy will need to input hiragana characters as an answer to a secret question at the time of point exchange.

You must enter at least three characters.

Paste the letters for copy and paste below.

あ い う え お か き く け こ

さ し す せ そ た ち つ て と

な に ぬ ね の は ひ ふ へ ほ

ま み む め も や ゆ よ

ら り る れ ろ わ を ん


This is so-called one inconvenient income, Moppy’s entrance campaign.

Moppy is the point site most recommended this blog along with EC Navi.

It is the strongest point site as JAL mile, d-point, ANA mile and exchanging destination.