Introduction of Life Media


Today this blog will introduce the point site called Life media.

Let’s summarize both Life Media’s Advantage and Disadvantage.

In addition, this blog will introduce the registration method in detail.

What is Life Media?

Life media is a point site operated by Nifty Nexus Stock Company.

They have nearly 22 years of experience in operation, and the number of members has exceeded 3,000,000.

It is the strongest point site for issuing cards and questionnaires.

Questionnaires have many interesting projects such as buying goods and answering the questionnaire to reduce it by 100%.

1 point = 1 yen and adopts point system which is easy to understand.

The exchange to the Nojima Point is 1.5 times the point.

This is the only feature of Life Media not found in other point sites.

Advantage of Life Media

Advantage 1: It is likely to be the highest point reduction among point sites

Life media has a strong advantage in issuing cards along with Moppy and EC Navi.

When issuing credit cards the same card may be issued, the point may be got only the first one.

Therefore, it is necessary to select a point site to return the highest point among the point sites.

Life media is a recommendation point site that tends to be the best return.

Advantage 2: It is worth 1.5 times by exchanging for a Nojima Point

Life media points will be 1.5 times points by exchanging for Kojima point.

It will be very profitable when buying home electronics etc.

There is no such use in other point sites and it is a feature of the life medium limitation only.

Advantage 3: Abundant questionnaire, high return rate

Life media has partnered with plus research and there are very rich questionnaire projects.

The number of questions and the return rate of points are better than the other point sites.

It is recommended site to do questionnaire in idle time.

Advantage 4: Life Medium Ten Temple Reduces by 100%

By purchasing a specified item, uploading a receipt and answering the questionnaire, Life Media Tame Tame can basically receive 100% points reduction.

When purchasing at a supermarket etc., products may be cheap or boasting a return rate of 100% or more.

However, please be careful as it will exceed the capacity as soon as you are not careful as this is popular.

Advantage 5: Just by looking at the rankings you can see the popularity of the case

There is a tab called ranking in Life media, you can understand popular cases just by clicking on it.

Popular projects are basically a great deal.

Therefore, just by looking at the ranking items, you can decide on what you would like to say on Life Media.

Advantage 6: There are membership promotions

Regular media promotion is carried out on Life Media.

If you earn more than 1 point in the month you join and you exchange points for that point, 500 points will be given to the admission and introducer, respectively.

It is 500 points but you can earn points, so please register from the link below.

Advantage 7: Supports SoraChika route

You can change points to ANA mile using SoraChika route in the following entry.

ANA mile is worth 2-8 yen by exchanging for award ticket.


Disadvantage of Life Media

Disadvantage 1: SoraChika route is the longest route

It corresponds to SoraChika route as mentioned above.

However, there is no shortening route to the LINE point like Moppy or EC Navi.

Therefore, the number of exchanges to the LINE point is increasing.

Disadvantage 2: Side content points are low

Life media also has a mechanism to receive points such as games, e-mail magazine registration etc. like other point sites.

But it is not worth the point that you can get very low.

Disadvantage 3: There is almost no merit to introduce to friends

By introducing friends at a general point site, you can receive various kinds of reductions.

However, in Life Media, 500 points at introduction is the only reduction.

As a result, it is not popular in various blogs and there is no popularity like a moppy despite having a great deals.

However, since this blog wants you to earn a better point on this blog, tihi blog actively handle issues on Life Media.

How to register a member

Step 1: Jump to the introduction page and enter the e-mail address

Step 2: Click the link of the received mail

I’m sorry. Because it is only the click of the link, it remains in Japanese.

Step 3: Enter your information

Basically, you enter according to the item.

““name(Kanji)” and “name(Kana)” must be entered with double-byte characters.
“Say” of “name)” means Surname, “May” means First name. Besides, it is necessary to enter it by katakana charactor.

These two problems can be solved by using the following site.

This site can convert English to katakana charactor.

Please see the image below for the procedure.

Copy and paste the output characters.

Please note that the translated katakana caractor will be converted to English if using automatic translation.

A mail will be sent when you finish typing. Then registration is complete.


This is a way to register as a so-called incompatible income to life media.

Life media is a point site recommended by this blog following EC navi and Moppy.

Please use it by credit card case and questionnaire.