You can earn 21,600 ANA miles every year / Update on Mar. 5th.


This blog will introduce so-called inconvenience technique today.

Today this blog will introduce a credit card called SoraChika card.

This blog will explain functions and promotions of this card.

If you achieve all promotions, you can earn up to 60,000 ANA miles or more.

What is SoraChika card?

The official name of the card is “ANA To Me CARD PASMO JCB”.

It is commonly called SoraChika card.

It is a merged credit card of ANA card and Tokyo Metro ToMe card as a function.

“Sora” means the sky. “Chika” means in the ground.

By effectively using this card, you can earn 216,000 miles per year

Feature of SoraChika card

The advantages of SoraChika card are mainly as follows.

1. ANA card

SoraChika card can normally be used as ANA credit card.

However, except for this promotion, other cards are more useful for saving miles by card payment.

Even if you already have another ANA card, you can add ANA miles accumulated in SoraChika card to your current mile account.

2. PASMO with auto charge function

SoraChika card includes PASMO function with auto charge function.

If you get on the Tokyo Metro at SoraChika card, the points (metro points) of Tokyo Metro will be accumulated.

If you have a commuter ticket issued by Tokyo Metro, you can also install it in SoraChika card.

3. Exchange to ANA Miles from Metro Point

With SoraChika cards, you can exchange the saved metro points for ANA miles.

Important is when you exchange Metro Points for ANA miles.

If you have SoraChika card you can exchange as 1 metro point (equivalent to 1 yen) = 0.9 ANA mile.

You can exchange points from the LINE point to the Metro Point.

To take advantage of this feature is SoraChika route.

What is SoraChika route?

LINE points are exchanged for metro points at point sites etc. (magnification 0.9 times, 10,000 LINE points (equivalent to 10,000 yen) => 9,000 Metro points (equivalent to 9,000 yen)).

It is a technique to exchange it from Metro point to ANA Mile (9,000 Metro points => 8, 100 ANA miles)).

ANA mile is worth 2-8 yen by making it an award ticket.

For details of SoraChika please refer to the following entry.

For the value of ANA mile please refer to the following entry.

How to earn a large amout of ANA miles with SoraChika card?

SoraChika card can earn a large amount of ANA mile by using the following promotion.

  • My Friend Program
  • Point site
  • JCB promotion
  • ANA promotion

My Friend Program

If you are planning to issue SoraChika card from now on, please follow the steps below.

Then, you apply for SoraChika card, you can earn1,000 miles of membership benefit and 500 miles of friend benefits.

My friend program registration page is here.

『マイ友プログラム』に登録する | ANAマイレージクラブ

Only Japanese site is the target. Let’s use the translation function of google crome if necessary.

Please open the registration page by clicking the orange “registration page” button on the page of my friend program.

Since there is a column for entering introducer and introduction number, enter as follows.

Name of introductor: sumame “サイトウ” ? Name “トモヒロ”

Referral number: “00054332”

Name of introductor is required Katakana characters. Please copy and paste it.

Then enter “Name” and “Birthday” as applicant’s information below this column and register.

Point site

This recommends you to use the promotion of one of the following three sites.

  • 6,700 yen : “EC Navi”
  • 6,500 yen : “Life Media”
  • 5,200 yen : “Moppy”

EC Navi

The points you can earn are the highest as of March 5th.

It is an advantage of EC Navi that another project such as eating out monitor is easy to use.

The route named EC Navi -> PeX -> LINE point is doing a 15% reduction campaign as of March.

For that reason it will be 86% exchange rate when exchanged with SoraChika route. (6,700 * 0.86 = 5,762 ANA miles)

In the following entry explains the point site introduction and registration method.

Then click “Point GET here!” Click here, then you will jump to the JCB site.

ECナビ – サービスで貯まる – ANA JCBカード(ソラチカカード)

Life media

The point you can earn is second on March 5th.

As of February, it was a point site with the highest return of points.

It is an advantage of Life media that the questionnaire case is easy to use.

In the following entry explains the point site introduction and registration method.

Then click “Point GET” from here. Then you will jump to the JCB site.

ANA JCBカード(ソラチカカードも対象)はライフメディア経由がお得|ポイントサイトでお小遣い稼ぎ


Points are few compared to the other two sites, but many other good deals are also many.

SoraChika route also has the advantage that a short route can be used up to the LINE point.

In the following entry explains the point site introduction and registration method.

Then click “Point GET” from here. Then you will jump to the JCB site.

【高P】ANA JCBカード(ソラチカカード)の詳細 | ポイントサイトでお小遣い稼ぎ・節約するなら安心・安全なモッピー

JCB’s site

After jumping from any point site, please follow the procedure below.

After this you can register according to the directions of the JCB site.

However, if you plan to use this card as the main card, the point course selection will recommend? 10 miles course. If not, 5 miles course is recommended.

I have used other credit cards, so I chose 5 miles course.

In addition, this card costs 2,000 yen annual fee (*First year free).

However, you can earn ANA miles every year simply by having it, so you will not lose as long as you earn miles.

Promotion of JCB

Please register for promotion of ANA JCB card.

Participation registration is mandatory for this promotion.

Join the promotion by clicking the “Register for campaign registration here” button on the official page of ANA JCB card membership promotion.

Applications are required for this promotion by April 30th, 2019.

ANA JCBカード 入会キャンペーン | クレジットカードなら、JCBカード

Register for WEB item service “MyJ check (registration free)”

Please register for services that you can check usage details on WEB.

Get a bonus point by using the card

If SoraChika card arrives at home, you can earn 6,500 Okidoki Bonus points by paying more than 1.3 million yen in total by June 30, 2019.

  • Shopping total of 300,000 yen or more: 1,000 Okidoki Bonus Points
  • Shopping total of 550,000 yen or more: 2,500 Okidoki Bonus Points
  • Shopping total of 1.3 million yen or more: 6,500 Okidoki Bonus Points

Okidoki Bonus Point is?1 point = 3 miles when you exchange directly to ANA Miles. (From JCB official page)

However, if you exchange Okidoki Bonus Points to Metro Points, Metro Points to ANA Miles, you can earn 4.5 milags from 1 Okidoki Bonus Points.

In this way, 6,500 Okidoki Bonus points can be converted to 29,250 miles.

Promotion of ANA

ANA also promotes, it is also possible to get miles here.

This enrollment promotion can also participate only by those who participated from the promotion page.

  • You can earn regular enrollment bonus miles (SoraChica card is a general card so it is 500 miles).
  • You can earn 3,000 ANA miles by using 150,000 yen or 15,000 ANA miles by using 500,000 yen.

Only those who have registered for participation since the card arrives are eligible.

When the card arrives please apply from “Register to the campaign” on the following page.


However, please note that this is only for people who do not have a card.


By using 4 techniques you can get up to the following points.

  • “My Friend Program” : 500 ANA miles
  • “Point site” : 7,200 yen => (5,762 ANA miles)
  • “JCB Promotion” : 6,500 Okidok Bonus Points => 29,250 ANA miles
  • “ANA promotion” : 15500 ANA miles

In addition to this, you can earn Okidoki points of 1.3 million yen at the time of achieving JCB promotion.

If SoraChika card is10 miles course, you can earn 13,000 ANA miles. If the card is 5 miles course, you can earn 6,500 ANA miles.

10 miles course has a high mile acquisition number, but please note that annual fee is high.

At the end, JCB promotion and ANA promotion are very profitable, but please do not overdo it absolutely.