Up to 5.5% reduction promotion with JCB Premo Card


Today this blog will introduce a chargeable prepaid card called JCB PremoCard.

This blog will explain the feature and campaign of this card.

You can earn up to 5.5% reduction using campaign for this card.

What is JCB Premo Card?

JCB PremoCard is a chargeable prepaid card issued by JCB.

JCB Premo Card is bearer system.

There is no age restriction.

It can also be used as a gift card for gifts.

Suica and Nanaco are close by image.

Some correspondence shops can also be used on the internet.

It is up to 29,000 yen with one charge.

Also, the maximum charge you can charge is 50,000 yen.

Currently two campaigns are held.

JCB Premo Card Spring Convenience Store Campaign

If you buy a JCB Premo Card at a convenience store you can purchase it cheaper than normal.
You can also purchase Famima T card with FamilyMart. A regular credit card is not acceptable.

Family Mart

    • 3,000 yen ticket (normal selling price 3,300 yen) -> 3,000 yen
    • 5,000 yen ticket (normal selling price 5,300 yen) -> 4,900 yen
    • Purchase method: Famima T card, or cash


    • 3,000 yen ticket (normal selling price 3,300 yen) -> 3,000 yen
    • 10,000 yen ticket (normal selling price 10, 300 yen) -> 9,800 yen
    • Purchase method: Cash

Campaign period

    • February 19, 2019 (Tue) ~ March 25 (Mon) 2019

JCB Premo Card Charge will get up to 1,000 yen gifts!

In this campaign, you will be reduced by up to 5% just by charging.

  • Total Charge Amount / Reduction / Rate
  •  5,000 yen                   /  150 yen / 3%
  • 10,000 yen                  /  400 yen / 4%
  • 20,000 yen                 / 1,000 yen / 5%

JCB PremoCard is reduced by 0.5% when charged even at normal times, so it will be reduced by 5.5% in total.

As a precaution, even if you charge more than 20,000 yen, reduction of this campaign is maximum of 1,000 yen.

As a result, we can only get 0.5% reduction for further charges.

Although it seems that credit card points will be attached when charging with some JCB series credit cards, the card name will face down because it is unconfirmed.

Campaign period

    • February 19, 2019(Tue) ~ March 31, 2019 (Sun)

JCBプレモカード チャージでもれなく最大1,000円分プレゼント!

Advantage of JCB PremoCard

Advantage 1: Anyone can use it

JCB Premo Card is not a credit card.

Since there is no age limit, anyone can issue it and use it.

Advantage 2: 0.5% reduction on charge

You can receive 0.5% reduction by just charging.

Advantage 3: No issue fee is required for campaign

By using “JCB Premo Card Spring Convenience Store Campaign”, usually 300 yen card fee is not necessary.

Advantage 4: 1,000 yen reduction in campaign

You can earn 1,000 yen worth of reduction by using “JCB Premo Card Charge for up to 1,000 yen gifts!”
Adding 0.5% of normal charge will result in a reduction of 1,100 yen.

Advantage 5: Available for Amazon

Unlike ordinary prepaid cards, this card can be used with some internet sites.

It is noteworthy that you can use it on Amazon.

For other compatible stores please refer to the link below.

JCB PREMOが使えるお店 │ JCBブランドサイト

Disadvantage of JCB PremoCard

Disadvantage 1: There are cases where it can not be used even at stores that can use the JCB brand.

Although it is very confusing, this card can only be used in a store with JCB premo mark.

Please note that there are stores that can not be used even if there is a JCB brand mark on a credit card.


This time I introduced a non-labor income technique using JCB Primocard.

Please issue cards at convenience stores and charge up to 20,000 which can receive 5.5% reduction.

It is recommended because you can earn 1,100 yen in a few minutes.