Introduction of the strongest card “Kyash”. Reduction rate 3% or more


Today this blog will introduce a card called “Kyash”.

This blog will explain the function and campaign of this card.

This card has 2% cash back all the time.
When combined with other cards it is the strongest card that can get a return rate of 3% or more.


What is Kyash?

Kyash is a VISA branded prepaid card.

Because it is a prepaid card, it can be used by anyone without an appraisal.

Since it is a prepaid card, issue fee and annual fee are also free.

Since it is a VISA brand, it can be used in so many shops.

Kyash has Kyash virtual cards that can be created and used on the smartphone application, and Kyash real cards that are actually issued.

If you only use it on the Internet, Kyash virtual card is enough.

However, when using it in a real shop Kyash real card is necessary. Registration of the application is also necessary when using real cards.

I will explain it with articles based on real cards here.


How to make Kyash real card

As shown above, you can apply for Kyash real card with 3 simple steps.
Below is a link to the official page.



Advantage of Kyash

Advantage 1: 2% cash back

Kyash will cash back 2% of usage by the end of the following month.

However, since we make a 2% discarding decision for each accounting, in case of 1,049 yen shopping, it will be a cash back of 20 yen.


Advantage 2: Credit card points are given by credit card charge

When charging from a credit card to a prepaid card, it is often not covered by credit card points.

Kyash is a prepaid card, but credit card points will be awarded when charging.

If there is not enough balance there is an auto charge function from credit card.

In addition to 2% cash back when using Kyash, there is a point reduction of 1% or more and double profit.

The recommended credit card for charging is here.

  • Recruit Card: 1.2%
  • ANA card general (10 mile course only): 1% or more
  • Rakuten cards: 1%
  • d-cards: 1%

For information on recruitment cards, please refer to this entry. A similar campaign is still being held.

Although ANA card is not explained in detail on this blog, it is introduced the value of ANA mile.

Rakuten card please refer to the following entry. A similar campaign is still being held.


Advantage 3: corresponds to payment of barcode settlement (PayPay, Rakuten Pay, Origami Pay)

Kyash can be used for PayPay, Rakuten Pay, Origami Pay.

Of course you can also use campaigns with PayPay and Origami Pay at the same time.

PayPay and Origami Pay always do 0.5% reduction.

Kyash’s cashback, credit card points reduction, payment of barcode settlement reduction and triple profit are obtained.

Since payment from Yahoo cards and banks is more effective for PayPay, you do not have to use it for the duration of the current 10 billion yen reduction campaign.

For PayPay please refer to the following entry.


Advantage 4: Available for Amazon gift certificates

Since Kyash can be used as a VISA brand card, it can be used on an internet site such as Amazon.

In addition, Kyash can also get cash back when purchasing Amazon gift certificates.

Besides, purchase of cash vouchers such as Moss Card, Starbucks Card, Doutor Value Card etc are also eligible.


Advantage 5: Available for Google Pay

If you are using Android smartphone Kyash can use it as Quick Pay with Goole Pay.


Advantage 6: Inter-personal remittance is also convenient

Kyash is convenient for remittance between individuals. It can also be used for splitting.

Originally it is easy to use because it is a card for personal remittance via virtual card.


Disadvantage of Kyash

Disadvantage 1: Card usage limit is low

There are some usage limits in Kyash.

Kyash virtual card only

  • Maximum usage limit per 24 hours is 30,000 yen or less
  • Maximum usage limit per time is 30,000 yen or less
  • Utilization limit up to 120,000 yen in one month

Kyash real card activated

  • Utilization limit per 24 hours is 50,000 yen or less
  • Maximum usage limit per 50,000 yen
  • Utilization limit up to 120,000 yen in one month
  • Maximum usage limit per card is 1 million yen

Kyash generally has a lower usage limit.

Kyash real card can not be used for high-value settlement, but normal use is sufficiently possible.

The problem is that the usage limit per card is up to 1 million yen.

If it exceeds 1 million yen, it can be used by updating to the next card.

When the usage limit approaches, a message comes from the operation of Kyash and you can update to the next card.

The problem with updating the card is the monthly payment and transportation commuter pass.

Since the card number will be changed by updating the card, re-registration of the monthly payment card is necessary.

Please note that you may not be able to proceed if you change the card number when you change the section of the commuter pass or refund.


Disadvantage 2: Unavailable in Apple Pay

Kyash can not be used directly on iPhone’s Apple Pay.

If you are using the Mobile Suica app, you can use Kyash to charge Suica. That Suica can be used with Apple Pay.

However, please note that Kyash’s cashback will not be done on Suica charges.


Disadvantage 3: Can not be used overseas

Kyash is a VISA branded prepaid card, but it can not be used overseas.


Disadvantage 4: There is no cashback on taxes, public utilities, electronic money charges

According to the official page below is not covered by cash back.

  • Purchase of prepaid payment means (third party type), charge
  • WAON / nanaco / Rakuten Edy etc.
  • Purchase with mobile Suica application, charge
  • Purchase by mobile Suica application via Google Pay, charge
  • Transportation electronic money
  • Donation payment
  • Public fee payment
  • Payment of various taxes, hometown tax payment
  • Payment of pension
  • Yahoo! Public payment
  • Purchase of cash equivalents, gift certificates, cash equivalents such as securities



This blog introduced an unlikely income technique that uses the maximum return rate Kyash.

Kyash’s cash back (2%) + credit card points reduction (1 – 1.5%) + payment of barcode (0.5%) is the maximum return rate currently. (Except PayPay and other campaigns)

In order to effectively use Kyash, it is necessary to devise a way such as low ceiling price and point payment can not be obtained with some payment.

Kyash recommends daily use at stores more than regular payment.