LINE Pay up to 25% reduction, 2,000 yen lottery. From 3/15 to 3/31.

Today this blog will introduce LINE Pay’s “Spring Super Pay Toku Festival” campaign held by LINE.

If you shop at a usable LINE Pay shop during the period from 0:00 to March 31 (Saturday) March 15, 2019 2019, 20% of the payment amount (up to 5,000 yen equivalent) is reduced.

In addition, a lottery ticket with a maximum of 2,000 yen will be held.

What is LINE Pay?

It is a function of LINE application, remittance and payment service. With LINE Pay, you can easily make Internet shopping payments and exchange money with LINE friends.

There are three ways to pay with LINE Pay.

The first is credit card payments registered with LINE Pay, which can be used for shopping at LINE sites such as LINE Store.

The second is payment using “LINE Pay Card”. The LINE Pay Card is a JCB-branded prepaid card that can be used like a credit card at convenience stores, supermarkets, and EC sites.

The third is barcode / QR code settlement. In this case, there is a case where the bar code / QR code displayed on the own smartphone is read and a QR code presented by the store side is read by the smartphone.

What is “Spring Super Pay Toku Festival”?

Below is a description from the campaign page.

1. 20% reduction every time

Implementation period: March 15, 2019 (Fri) 0:00 to March 31, 2019 (Sun) 23: 59

During the term, if you pay with “LINE Pay”, you will receive a 20% balance return later

    1) LINE Pay Card
    2) QUICPay + TM (Android only)
    3) Code payment
    4) Online payment
    5) LINE Pay invoice payment

Maximum return:
Up to 5,000 yen during the period

2. lottery tickets (maximum 2000 yen equivalent)

Implementation period:
March 15, 2019 (Fri) 10:00 to March 31, 2019 (Sun) 23: 59

During the period, you can get up to 100 yen each with “LINE Pay” and earn up to 2,000 yen.

    1) LINE Pay Card
    2) QUICPay + TM (Android only)
    3) Code payment
    4) Online payment
    5) LINE Pay invoice payment
    6) Vending machine
    7) Credit card registered in LINE Pay
    8) Payment with LINE points (full or partial)
    9) LINE Pay Currency Exchange


This blog will explain the advantages of this campaign.

Advantage1: Valid for payment with LINE Pay card

This is the biggest point of this time.

The LINE Pay Card is a JCB-branded prepaid card. Because it is a prepaid card, it requires a pre-charge to use it.

As this card is a JCB brand, it can be used at stores where JCB credit cards can be used.

In other words, credit card shopping can receive a 20% reduction.

However, please note that you can not issue a LINE Pay real card immediately. However, LINE Pay virtual cards can be issued instantly with the LINE app.

With this LINE Pay Virtual, you can shop online. Also, this virtual card can be registered as a Quick Pay on Google Pay. If it is Quick Pay, you can use it in the city.

Advantage2: Code payment is up to + 3% in LINE My color addition

LINE has its own ranking system called “My color” system.

The “My Color” system is a program for all LINE Pay users who receive benefits in accordance with the usage of LINE Pay. The condition of my color is as follows.

My ColoerCondition
+ Point
GreenSettlement over 100,000 yen per month2.0%
BlueSettlement between 50,000 yen and 99,999 yen1.0%
Redsettlement of ¥ 10,000-49,999 yen per month0.8%
WhiteWhite Settlement of 0 yen to 9,999 yen a month0.5%

When using LINE Pay’s QR / bar code payment for one year from August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019, “+ 3%” is added to the usual My color points.
Up to 5% reduction, and at least 3.5% reduction even for those who are not green.
Drug store, convenience store points can also be earned.

Stores with point service can receive points from the store in addition to the LINE Pay campaign. There are 1% reductions at many stores, so use them together.


Describe the advantages of this campaign.

Disadvantage1: Unavailable on Apple Pay

LINE Pay supports Quick Pay, but can not register to Apple Pay. In Japan, many people use the iPhone, so be careful when using the LINE Pay virtual card.

Disadvantage2: It is hard to understand non-target products

According to the official page, there is the following statement. Please note that some product parts are not clear.

Some products such as alcohol, cigarettes, books and taxes are not eligible for the campaign at some stores.


This time, we introduced the second half of March campaign of Line Pay. Up to 25% reduction can be obtained by bar code settlement at the store. It is a very useful campaign that you can get a 20% reduction even if you use it like a credit card.

There is no factor to lose up to 25,000 yen, so be sure to use it.