20% reduction in online shopping of Omni 7! Until 3/31.

Today this blog will introduce techniques to use Omni 7 at a great price.
Omni 7 is promoting a 20% reduction campaign until March 31st.
This blog will explain the campaign and the techniques for earning more points.

What is Omni 7?

Omni 7 is an online shopping site for Seven & i Group.
There are various stores such as Seibu, Sogo, Ito-Yokado and LOFT.
Omni 7 also handles stores outside the affiliation, called the omni mall store.
You can receive products at Seven-Eleven. Fees and shipping costs are free.
Delivery is of course possible, but it costs handling fee and shipping cost.

What is the Omni 7 20% reduction campaign?

This blog will extract information from the official site.

Campaign summary


    2019/3/1 (Fri) 10:00 to 3/31 (Sun)

Target condition

Those who have ordered goods over 2,000 yen (including shipping and handling charges) during the ordering period in the target store and received the goods by 2019/4/21 (Sun).

Target store

  • Seven net shopping
  • Seibu ・ Sogo e. Department store
  • Ito-Yokado net shopping
  • Akachan honpo net shopping
  • Loft net store
  • Seven Eleven’s Seven Meal
  • Ito-Yokado net supermarket
  • Nissen omnimall store
  • Pet Shop Kojima Omni Mall
  • Duskin Omni Mall
  • Nitori omnimall store
  • Omni’7 “Hometown tax payment” Powerd by Satoru


    nanaco gift omni7 for 400 yen every 2,000 yen order
    Up to 6,000 nanaco gift omni7

Application method

STEP1. Jump to the application page. (Omni7 login required)

Please jump to the application page from the link below.

STEP 2. Complete the application after setting the following information

At the end of the input form there is an image verification.
Because the image authentication is limited to hiragana, it may be difficult for foreigners who can not read hiragana at all.

STEP3. Shopping with Omni 7

Buy products at the target store. Up to 30,000 yen shopping is eligible for the campaign.


This blog will explain the advantages of this campaign.

Advantage 1: 20% reduction with “nanaco gift omni7”

You can receive 20% of the shopping amount as “nanaco gift omni7”.
Please note that the maximum payout is 6,000 yen.

Advantage 2: Campaign Targets at Each Omni Mall Store

Shopping at the Omni Mall store in Nitri and Nissen is also eligible.

The most notable thing is “hometown tax payment powered by Satofuru in Omni 7.”
Hometown tax payment can receive return favor goods as a standard of 30% of the amount of donation.
In addition to return goods with oldness and tax payment, we can receive reduction with Omni 7.
It is quite rare that tax payments are eligible for reduction.

Advantage 3: You can pay with LINE Pay card

You can use the LINE Pay card introduced in the following entry.
You can receive up to 25% of LINE points in the LINE Pay campaign.
However, please note that this usage limit is up to 25,000 yen.

Advantage 4: Save 5% on Seven Internet Shopping from LINE Shopping

SevenNet Shopping allows you to buy books, e-books, CDs, DVDs, games and gifts.
You can receive a return of 5% of LINE points by doing Seven Internet shopping via the following LINE shopping site.


Describe the advantages of this campaign.

Disadvantage 1: “Nanaco Gift omni7” to be reduced

“Nanaco gift omni7” is a point that can be used by limitation in omni 7.
“Nanaco gift omni7” can not be used at the actual store.
In addition, not all stores can use it in Omni 7 either. Target stores are as follows.

The following stores can be used “nanaco gift omni7”

  • Seven net shopping
  • Seibu · Sogo e. Department store
  • Ito-Yokado Internet mail order
  • Akachan Honpon Online Store
  • Loft net store
  • Saw Experience Omnimall Store
  • Nissen omnimall store

Disadvantage 2: Hiragana Image Authentication Required

As mentioned in the description of the campaign entry page, hiragana image authentication is required.
It is a bit confusing because it is intentionally broken characters.


This time I introduced a technique to make a profit using Omni 7.
Omni 7 can be used widely, such as net super and net mail order.
Please use a combination of LINE Pay, Furusato tax payment, Seven net shopping, etc.