Introduction of eating out monitor. Get lots of points with meals and questionnaires

Today this blog will introduce techniques for earning points using the eating out monitor.
You can earn 20% to 60% points for the service fee only by eating and submitting a questionnaire.

What is a eating out monitor?

The eating out monitor is one of the point site items.
After eating out, taking pictures of food or answering questionnaires, points on the points site will be reduced.
Typical reduction rates are 20% to 60% points.
If it is 50% reduction, you can get 5,000 yen worth of points if you eat 10,000 yen.
It is recommended that you use it as a group, as it applies to the amount stated on the receipt.

How is the eating out monitor?

Follow the steps below for eating out monitor.

  • Register point site
  • Search for restaurants for eating out monitor
  • Apply for eating out monitor
  • Visit the store and complete the mission
  • Submit receipts, questionnaires, photos

Register point site

Eating out monitor can be done from the following point site.

  • EC Navi
  • Fan Crew

There are other point sites that incorporate hapitas, G points, and GetMoney the eating out monitor.
But in fact, every point site is almost the same.
The reason is that the food monitor basically uses Fan Crew system.
Fan Crew has advantages over other sites that it can wait for cancellation and extend the monitoring period.

EC Navi is strong in other projects, and since it has already been introduced on this blog, you can easily register from the following articles.

This time, this blog will explain using images of fans.

Search for restaurants for eating out monitor

Every point site has a category called monitor, so go there.
You can search by the following 4 conditions.

  • Prefectures
  • Area (City)
  • Category (Please choose the gourmet)
  • Genre (It does not have to be specified)

Basically, there are many shops for urban areas.
It does not matter if you specify the genre or not.
It is good to look at what kind of shop there is without specifying at first.

Let’s choose a shop looking at the point reduction rate and the point upper limit.
Stores with a point reduction rate of 30% to 50% are common.
Occasionally there is a shop with a 100% or more reduction rate, but the upper limit of point reduction is low.
Be sure to check the average budget * number of people * reduction rate and the upper limit of points.

Let’s look at the above mentioned items this time.
Since 60% point reduction of the price, the upper limit is the point for 4,500 yen, it is valid up to the payment of 7,500 yen.
It is safe if you go with two people because the average budget 3,000 yen.

The items for the eating-out monitor are assigned an application quota for each store on a monthly basis.
When the month changes, the application space for each shop is opened.
Look for popular shops at the beginning of the month.

Apply for eating out monitor

The eating out monitor has the conditions and missions required by the shop.
There is also a description of the mission that must be achieved when you come to the store, so be sure to check.

By answering the application pre-question questions, you can quickly see if you can use the food service monitor.
Basically, it can be used if you have looked at the eating out monitor conditions.
If the condition of the eating out monitor is not satisfied, it will be a failure.

Visit the store and complete the mission

You will come to the store when you have finished applying for the eating out monitor.
Please check the conditions in advance, such as the date of visit, the time of visit, the number of visitors, food and drink contents, and photography.
Also, if you look at the questionnaire sample in advance, you can fill out the questionnaire smoothly.
The questionnaire often ask about the cleanliness of the restroom, but you can eliminate mistakes such as not going to the bathroom.

The following mistakes should be noted.

  • Visiting day is not the day of the week
  • Have not ordered a dish of the mission
  • Eating before taking a picture
  • The picture does not show the whole dish
  • Forget receipt

Submit receipts, questionnaires, photos

The contents of the questionnaire differ from shop to shop.
It is recommended to read the questionnaire sample before coming to the store as there are unexpected questions.
The questionnaire will be completed in about 10 minutes if you get used to it.

The receipt needs to take a picture and upload the point site.
Please note that the four corners of the receipt should be included.


Today, this blog introduced the eating out monitor technique that can earn points just by eating out and writing a questionnaire.
The eating out monitors are often easy to use with small meals.

In addition, food meal monitor case is the biggest advantage that can be used any number of times.
It is good to find your favorite store and go regularly.

It is recommended that points earned be converted to ANA miles via SoraChika route.

Actually there are other techniques that you can get points just by eating.
The method is for a large number of meals including the secretary of a drinking party.
This blog will introduce it in this blog so please look forward to it.