LINE Pay app compatible with iPhone! The upper limit of the campaign is 10,000 yen.

Today, this blog announces that the LINE Pay app provided by LINE is compatible with the iPhone.
Currently, the “Heisei Last Super Pay Toku Festival” is being held, and using the LINE Pay app, the upper limit in the campaign will be double ¥ 10,000.

What is the LINE Pay app?

It is a dedicated application of LINE Pay provided by LINE.
Barcode / QR code payment, scan payment, NFC compatible.
Obtaining a coupon is also very easy.

In feeling that we used, start and certification are very quick to use than existing LINE application and are easy to use.

What is the “Heitai Last Super Pay Toku Festival”?

Refer to the following article for an introduction.


This blog will explain the advantages of this campaign.

The upper limit of the campaign for “The last Heisei Super Pay Toku Festival” is doubled

The return limit of the campaign is 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen.
It is 66,667 yen that 33,334 yen was the upper limit in payment amount of money.

It will be eligible if the payment is finalized during the campaign period.
Therefore, if you reserve and pay for a movie in early May in April, you will be eligible for the campaign.

Happy when it is doubled” campaign being held

If you tweet “倍になったら嬉しいもの” on Twitter, the LINE Pay balance will reach 100 people by lottery.

LINE is distributing four types of coupons

The following four coupons are currently being distributed.
Lawson Poplar: 100 yen discount for over 101 yen
FamilyMart: 100 yen discount for over 101 yen
Fukuoka Limited: Discount ¥ 300 for ¥ 301 or more
Right-on: 400 yen discount for over 401 yen

Each coupon has a maximum discount rate of over 99%.
We can use only once each, but let’s use by all means when we use target store.

Credit card available

Credit cards that could not be used with LINE Pay can now be registered.
You should be able to earn double points for LINE Pay and your credit card. (I’m sorry, but it is not finalized information)


Describe the advantages of this campaign.

Camera forced start

If you give permission to the app on the payment screen, the camera will always start.
There is a possibility of misunderstanding and I would like to make improvements if possible.


I am very happy content for iPhone users.
There are many recent reductions in bar code payments, but the maximum amount is often low.
However, because LINE Pay’s current campaign has a high ceiling, you should use it when making large payments.