Origami Pay’s campaign summary and introduction!

Today this blog will explain a summary of techniques to use the useful campaigns being held by Origami Pay.
The campaign to introduce is as follows.

・ Let’s start cashless. Origami debut coupon
・ Register account of Aeon Bank and get 500 yen OFF coupon
・ The first payment is half price at each Seicomart store
・ The maximum payment is ¥ 630 for the first payment at each Monte Rosa Group store in the country, such as “Shirokiya”, “fishermen” and “laughs”.
・ Origami Pay distributes 20% off coupons on April 26th of Premium Friday

What is Origami Pay?

It is an application that you can pay with one smartphone.
You can make a payment on the app using barcodes / QR codes.
In this case, you may have the smartphone read the bar code / QR code displayed on your smartphone, or read the QR code presented by the store with your smartphone.
It is basically the same service as PayPay and LINE Pay.
Please refer to the following entry about PayPay and LINE Pay.

Origami Pay supports credit cards.
Supported brands are only VISA and Master.
It is a pity that you can not register your LINE Pay card because it is not compatible with JCB.
Kyash can register cards, so please use it.
Please look at the following entry about Kyash.

What is “Cashless, Let’s get started. Origami debut coupon” ?

【Campaign contents】

“Let’s get started” cashless with Origami Pay.
Read the QR code of the poster posted on the Origami member store using the Origami app and receive an Origami debut coupon.

    ※ There may not be notice of campaign poster by the convenience of store.
    ※ This coupon is available only to those who will start Origami Pay from now on. If you have paid with Origami Pay so far, it will not be available.

【Coupon content】

10% OFF coupon available at Origami member stores
    ※ One coupon can be acquired per person.
    ※ The maximum discount amount is 1,000 yen.

【Campaign period】

March 29, 2019-Friday, May 6, 2019

    * The coupon usage period is March 30, 2019 (Sat)-May 31, 2019 (Fri).
    ※ On March 29, 2019 (Friday), 10% OFF of 1 day limited premium Friday campaign is applied and you can pay.

What is “Let’s register Aeon Bank account and get 500 yen OFF coupon”?

【Campaign contents】

If you register an Aeon Bank account for the first time during the target period, the Origami application will receive a 500 yen OFF coupon, which can be used at Origami Pay introduction stores, to 2,000 people by lottery.

※ If you have registered your Aeon Bank account even once in the Origami app prior to this campaign period, you will not be eligible for the lottery.
※ This coupon can be used when paying 2,000 yen or more.
※ The announcement of the campaign target person will be with the issue of the coupon in late May (planned).

【Campaign period】

Monday, April 15, 2019-Tuesday, May 14, 2019

What is “half payment for the first time at each Seicomart store”?

【Campaign contents】

During the period, the first payment at each Seicomart store is half price.

    -The maximum discount amount is 500 yen.
    -In the case of payment up to 1,000 yen including tax, it is half price. For payments of ¥ 1,001 or more incl. Tax, the discounted amount is ¥ 500.

What is “the maximum payment of ¥630 for the first time at each Monte Rosa Group store, including “Shirokiya”, “fishermen” and “laughs””?

【Campaign contents】

During the period, the first payment at each Monte Rosa Group store is up to 630 yen OFF.
    -A discount of up to ¥ 630 will be applied regardless of the draft beer prices of the Monte Rosa Group brands.
    -Even if you do not order draft beer, you can be eligible if you pay by Origami Pay.
    -In the case of payment up to 1,260 yen including tax, it will be half price. In the case of payment of tax-included 1,261 yen or more, discount amount 630 yen is applied.

What is “Origami Pay distributes 20% off coupons on April 26th of Premium Friday”?

In the campaign, you will receive 3 coupons for 20% off, available only for April 26.
The maximum discount for coupons is 1000 yen.
In addition, a coupon of 100 yen off will be presented later to all the users who made a payment from 15: 00-18: 00 on the same day.


This time, this blog introduced the technique of using Origami Pay’s campaign.
Origami Pay has no impact compared to other bar code payments, but we regularly carry out advantageous campaigns.
Especially for one day, Premium Friday campaigns are worthwhile.

In addition, if you register Kyash and use it, you will get 3% reduction of Kyash.