MerPay “Japan GW Half Price Reduction! (75% reduction for Seven-Eleven)”

Today, this blog will introduce the techniques to use MerPay’s “Japan GW half price reduction” campaign, which is held by Mercari.
The period is short, but the redemption rate is higher than other payment services.
In addition to too high a reduction rate, there is also the possibility of early termination due to high reduction.

What is MerPay?

MerPay is a payment service provided by Mercari.
Similar to PayPay and LINE Pay, you can pay by barcode / QR code.
As a feature of only MerPay, it can be used as ID.
Therefore, in addition to MerPay compatible stores, there is an advantage that can be used in ID compatible stores.

There are two ways to charge from the charge from the bank account and the sales proceeds from Mercari.
In addition, you can use the postpay function “Merpaid after payment” even without a credit card.

What is the “Japan GW half price reduction!” Campaign?

After completing “identification,” if you make a payment at a shop (MerPay electronic money (iD) or code payment) using MerPay during the campaign period, 50% of the payment will be returned as points the next day Campaign.

※ In the case of payment at Seven-Eleven stores, 70% equivalent will be returned as points.

Upper limit of point redemption during campaign period

The point credit limit is up to a total of P2,500 throughout the campaign period, regardless of the point reward rate applied (50% or 70%).

Campaign period

2019/4/26 (Fri) 00:00 ~ 2019/5/6 (Mon) 23:59

The following 2 methods of identity verification

    Create bank account for payment
   Easy identity verification in the app


This blog will explain the advantage of this technique.

High reduction rate of 50%

OO Pay is currently saturated, but even in the campaign it is around 20% return rate.
50% is an incredible high reduction rate.
The maximum return is equivalent to 2,500 yen, so the usage limit is 5,000 yen.

70% reduction rate for Seven-Eleven Limited

There is no way not to use 70% for shopping at a convenience store.
As the maximum reduction is equivalent to 2,500 yen, the usage limit is 3,571 yen.
Please note that the usage limit is the same.
In addition, the end of the campaign is feared because of this super high return rate.

The special coupon for MerPay is advantageous

Coupons are available for purchasing Seven Cafes under 200 yen for 11 yen.
Please note that the expiration date is tomorrow morning.

There is also a coupon for 200 yen (usually 350 yen) coupons for take-away beef bowls available at Sukiya.
Expiration date is until April 30.

ID is available

Very easy to use because ID is available.


This blog will explain the disadvantages of this technique.

Identity verification required

You need to register a bank account for charging, or use the app to verify your identity.
It’s not a big deal, but it’s a little annoying.

There are places where ID can not be used

It was not available in two places where I tried.
・ Coca-Cola’s vending machine
・ Local coffee shop

The eyes of the shop staff were tight when I was not available at the coffee shop.
I immediately used another ID…

Of course at Seven-Eleven I could confirm that it could be used without any problems.

Impossible to use Mobile Suica

It is a quotation from the following official site.
As I was able to try it at around 18:00 on 4/26 and deposit it to Suica, I was thinking of writing in today’s entry, but it has been officially excluded.

※ 2019/4/26 (Fri) 18:30 postscript: Suica charge is not eligible for point reduction. However, Suica charges for 2019/4/26 (Fri) 18:30 will be reduced.


This time this blog introduced the technique of using MerPay.
This technique is the highest priority technique for shopping in GW.
The usage limit is not very high because the reduction rate is high.
Use the LINE Pay campaign during April, and one way is to use MerPay from May.
However, please note that there is a possibility of early termination due to the high reduction rate.