For starting MerPay (Mercari). You can get 300 yen.

Yesterday, this blog introduced a technique to use MerPay’s “Japan GW Half Price Reduction! Campaign, which is held by Mercari.
There is no reason not to use it as a payment technique.
In addition, 70% will be reduced at Seven-Eleven.
In addition to too high a reduction rate, there is also the possibility of early termination due to reduction the next day.

Please refer to the following entry for MerPay.

300 points for friend introduction

Today this blog will add a technique to get points worth 300 yen that I forgot to fill out yesterday.
Because MerPay is used on the Mercari App, it is necessary to register Mercari.
By entering the invitation code when registering at Mercari, points worth 300 yen will be presented to the invitees and you.


Please use the above code if you like.
Of course, if your friend is Mercari users, you may want to invite them.

The registration method of Mercari is simple and registered on various websites, so this blog does not explain it.
Look at the top image of this entry for where to enter the invitation code.


This time this blog introduced the technique of using the invitation code of MerPay (Mercali).
Although it is the contents of the postscript of yesterday’s entry, this blog would like you to use MerPay during the GW and do a good shopping.