Earn 16,000 yen equivalent by applying Cedyna Gold Card

Today this blog will introduce a technique to earn 10,000 yen worth of points by applyng Cedyna Gold Card.
Moreover, this card is free for the first year, which is rare as a gold card.

What is a Cedyna Gold Card?

It is a credit card issued by Cedyna.
You can choose from all VISA, Master and JCB brands.
See below for card details.


This blog will explain the advantage of this technique.

10,000 points by issuing cards from Moppy

You can get 10,000 points by applying a credit card from Moppy.
There are conditions for earning points, but by the end of the following month it has been used over 5,000 yen.
The condition is quite loose with 5,000 yen. When used for charges such as PayPay, this is achieved in an instant.
As a point of caution, it is an application up to 5/10.

As it is Moppy points, it is possible to transfer at an exchange rate of 81% to ANA miles via SoraChika route.
In addition, Moppy points can be transferred to JAL Miles at an 80% exchange rate.

Please see here for the moppy.
However, the content of the campaign has changed.

Up to 6,000 points back with Cedyna’s campaign

Cedyna is also doing a campaign, and has become six types of benefits.
It will be 6,000 points when all conditions are met.

Benefit 1: 800 points for new members

This is usually achievable.

Benefit 2: 500 points for a total of 10,000 yen or more in total within 3 months

This can also be achieved by using the card normally.

Benefit 3: 500 points for a total of 50,000 yen or more in total within 3 months

The total amount of conditions has been raised slightly.

Benefit 4: Total shopping spending within three months is 1,000 points over 100,000 yen total

There is also a slight increase in the total amount of conditions.
If you’re not an active card payment, it’s a bit tougher.

Benefit 5: Within three months, the total amount of shopping is 2,000 points or more for a total of over 200,000 yen

The condition of use is the maximum.
Please do not overdo it for the point.

Benefit 6: 700 points for registration after “Decisive” plan “50,000 yen”

“After decision” is the name of Cedyna of the rib payment.
If you use it in conjunction with the 5 benefits, you will always have to go over the upper limit in revolving payments  .
It is not recommended to use revolving payments. 

Guarantee only with gold cards

Cedyna Gold Card has only Gold Card and has the following guarantee.

Domestic travel accident insurance: 50 million yen
Overseas travel accident insurance: 100 million yen
Santa Christmas Point or present: Up to 6000 points or Hello Kitty original goods
Tokutokukaji: point magnification up to 1.6 times
Airport lounge service
Premium Club Off
Shopping insurance: Up to 3 million yen
Card loss and theft insurance

In addition, points are tripled by shopping at Seven-Eleven and Aeon/Daiei.

Annual fee for the first year is free

Although it is only the first year with a gold card, it is valuable that the annual fee is free.


This blog will explain the disadvantages of this technique.

Target is for the first time issued by Cedyna Co., Ltd.

Anyone who has issued a Cedyna Card in the past will not be eligible for Cedyna’s campaign.

Need entry to Cedyna’s campaign

Cedyna’s campaign is not automatically entered.
Entry via web or phone is required.
Please refer to the following page for the entry method.

As credit card is necessary, examination is necessary

It is said that Cedyna Card is not the one with severe examination.
However, because it is a gold card, stable income may be required.

Annual fee is required from the second year

The annual fee is free for the first year, but an annual fee of 6,000 yen (excluding tax) is required from the second year.
The annual fee for gold cards is about half the average.


This time, I introduced the technique of applying Cedyna card.
In addition to annual fee free of the first year, it is good credit card which is cheap as 6,000 yen (excluding tax) and gold card after the second year.