Do you do Furusato Nozei(Hometown tax payment)?

Today thisg blo will introduce the saving technique of Furusato Nozei(hometown tax payment).
Some say Furusato Nozei is tax savings, but it is not appropriate to save taxes as it only pays the tax in another form.
This time, this blog will explain you to know Furusato Nozei .

What is Furusato Nozei(hometown tax payment)?

Furusato Nozei(Hometown tax payment) is a mechanism to donate part of the tax to your favorite local government.
Some local governments send special products from local governments as thanks for donations.
It is convenient to compare hometown tax payment while comparing various local governments from the furusato nozei portal site.
This blog would like to explain Furusato Nozei system in detail, but this blog introduces a portal site which supports multiple languages.


You can select Japanese, English or Chinese as the language above.
However, “Furumaru” is a small portal site, and the number of target municipalities is small, so it is not recommended to contribute from here.
Since each portal site has a feature, it is important from which site to contribute.

Traditional to pay tax

Furusato Nozei(Hometown tax payment) is a new community support system where a fixed amount of tax will be refunded and deducted and donations will be received from the area of ​​the donation destination when donated to the local government you want to support.
-Receive a thank-you item from the donated local government (if the local government prepares a thank-you)
-A fixed amount of tax will be refunded or deducted (a self-paying amount of 2000 yen is required)
-You can contribute to the local government you want to support
-You can donate by specifying the use

The true intention to pay tax

If it is a tax that you must pay anyway, we would like to receive return goods from the local government and save even a little!


This blog will explain the advantage of this technique.

You can get a reward item for your own contribution 2000 yen

It is often the case that you get 30% worth of reward items for the return donation amount.
Local specialties such as rice, meat and sake are popular.
Although this blog is also described in the true sense, this is all the advantages.

One-stop tax payment does not require a tax return

This applies to company employees who hold a withholding list.
Until a few years ago, when I paid my tax, I had to file a tax return.
Currently, if the tax-paying local government is to five places, the final income tax return is unnecessary only by replying to the data which the local government sends after contribution.


This blog will explain the disadvantages of this technique.

There is a tax deduction limit

It is not exactly the same as Disadvantage, but there is an upper limit deducted by the amount of tax paid.
If you exceed the deductible limit, please be absolutely careful as there is no sense of return value.
The rough estimates of income and donation limits are as follows:

However, it may change when you use tax credits such as mortgage loan deductions and medical expenses deductions.
You can also enter detailed conditions on the Furusato Nozei portal site to obtain the maximum amount, so please use it.

The system will be reformed from June 2019

Until last year, the standard of return items was 30%, but there were often more than 50% return items.
In addition, special products of the local government were considered as basics, but there were also cash vouchers such as travel vouchers.
However, the system has been revised since June of this year, and it has been announced that the violating local government will not be eligible for the oldness and tax payment system.
For this reason, most municipalities are reluctant to use cash vouchers and high return items this year.

Anyways, last year I got 50% of travel ticket for HIS + Amazon gift code 2%.


This blog introduced technique to use Furusato Nozei (home town tax payment) this time.
However, it does not indicate in this entry which portal site is advantageous or which municipality is advantageous.
It will be introduced in the next update.