+20% reduction with d payment! from 9/14

Today I will introduce a technique that uses “d payment 20% reduction campaign” held by Docomo.
This campaign can be combined with + 7% of the d-point super return program, giving a maximum of + 27% return.
If it is used on the Internet, it can be combined on d days (Friday, Saturday), giving a maximum of + 25% reduction.

What is the “d payment 20% return campaign”?

You can receive a maximum of 3,000 points in 3 weeks during the campaign period with a maximum of 1,000 points every week.
If the d-point super return program is at 0%, it is valid up to 5,000 yen purchases every week.
Don’t forget to enter, as entry is mandatory. Entry is possible on the official website from 10:00 on September 9th.

D payment requires a d account but does not require a docomo line.

The following is an excerpt from the official website (https://dpoint.jp/ctrw/cp1/kangen_campaign/index.html).

Customers who have entered this campaign during the entry period and made a purchase with d payment (city / net shops) will receive 20 points of purchase amount d points (period / use only) as campaign points. .

September 9, 2019 (Monday) 10:00 to October 14, 2019 (Monday, National Holiday) 23:59

September 14, 2019 (Saturday) 0:00 to October 14, 2019 (Monday / Holiday) 23:59

Shopping paid by “d-payment” at d-paid member stores in the city or online (except for some member stores)

  • This applies to purchases for which d payment processing has been completed during the campaign period. It is not applicable if you only make a reservation on the site or complete the purchase procedure. Those who have completed the payment procedure for d-payment will receive a receipt email from us, and will be eligible for shopping within the campaign period of the “use date” described in the receipt email.

The use of d payment on Amazon is completed when payment information arrives from Amazon. Please note that when using for merchandise sales, the information will arrive after the shipment has been arranged, and will not be covered only by completing the order process on the site. If you have used the service, please check the “Date of use” in the receipt email sent by us.

・ D point usage
(Example) If you use 100 points for a product of 1,000 yen, 900 yen worth will be eligible for points in this campaign.
・ Use of coupon
(Example) If a \ 500 coupon is used for a \ 1,000 product, the \ 500 portion will be eligible for points for this campaign.
・ Purchases made by guests (without a contracted mobile phone line or d account authentication)
・ Purchase of products that were not successfully completed within the campaign period
・ For purchases of canceled or returned items
・ If the payment method has not been completed due to a credit card or communication error set in the payment method.
・ Purchases made at the following ineligible merchants and ineligible preferential treatment services
[Excluded member stores]
・ D-paid member stores (online)
Lakuma (old frills), MUJI online store, postcard design kit, New Year’s card 2019 on smartphone, home delivery type storage CARAETO
[Excluded special treatment service]
・ D point club coupon (special coupon)

■ Presentation points
20% d point (limited period / use only) will be given to the total purchase amount during the campaign period by “Shopping for Campaign” above.

  • When calculating the number of points awarded, the first decimal place will be rounded down.
    ■ Destination
    During the entry period, you will be given an entry and will be presented to a “Mobile phone number contracted with us” or “d account” that meets the above “Shopping for campaign” conditions.
    ■ Time of presentation
    Sequentially after December 16, 2019
    ■ Present point type
    d point (limited period / use only)
    ■ Expiration date of presentation points
    February 16, 2020
    ■ Present point name
    d payment 20% return campaign
    ■ Upper limit
    ・ 1,000 points per transaction
    ・ Total 3,000 points during the campaign period


I will explain the advantages of this technique.

Other campaigns + 20% reduction

This campaign is not a simple 20% return, but a high return rate of + 20%.
When combined with the d Point Super Reduction Program, the maximum reduction is + 27%.
If you use the Internet on Friday-Saturday, you can use it with the d-day campaign, and you can get a maximum of 25% reduction.
Entry is required for both the d point super reduction program and d day of the week.


Available on the internet

Can be used for payments on sites that support d-payment.
Although it is conditional, it is very good that it can be used on Amazon.


I will explain the advantages of this technique.

Entry required

Entry is required for this campaign and campaigns that can be used together.
Please make an entry from the following website.


There is a limit for each week

This campaign is rewarded up to 1,000 points every week.
By using it for up to 3 weeks, you can get a maximum of 3,000 points.
Pay attention to the upper limit of each week (up to 5,000 yen can be used).


Today we introduced a technique to receive a return with d payment.
d payment is popular in various convenience stores, and it is a great campaign that you can receive up to 25% reduction on the Internet.